Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Ahmad Bahar Chopan

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization

(Part 26)

Translated by: Abdul Ali Faiq

Ahmad Bahar Chopan was born in 1355 in a very high educated family and beautiful Province of Panjshir .He is son of Abdul Moqim, who was working as an Officer in Afghanistan Air Force.

While Ahmad Bahar Chopan was born, it was a spring season. That is why he was named as Bahar (spring).He is Tajik origin. His tongue mother is Persian (Farsi) as he said “my grand and grand forefathers are from Samarqand”

In 1356, he attended (Azad Khan) primary school, which was the nearest school in his home area .In 1373 he attended Ghulam Hadar Khan Charkhi’s School, where he has completed his bachelor's degree. He studied some more knowledge in PakistanPeshawar as well.

In 1375 he admitted in Kabul University, Faculty of economy .Unfortunately, the regime of Taliban came to power, he could not continue his study. In the begging of 1998 he moved to Tajikistan and remained there till 2004.

During this period of time (6 years) he has a lot of contributions and connection with different Afghanistani educational and cultural institutions .Such as “Solidarity “Hope of Morning” ‘The Youth” and “Araya Press” “It was a great experiences which I had learnt from great scholars and educated figures there”. He said.

In 2001, he got a great chance to continue his study in journalism field .He was on the last year of his graduation from university, while he has travelled to Canada where he has hope to complete the rest of his knowledge.

Mr .Chopan has written several political, social, analytical and educational articles in Persian languages. He is a member “Guards Culture Ariana Council Leadership Assembly” .And he is currently living in Quebec State-Canada.

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Meena said...

Dear Mr. Faiq:
I just have a comment about the year which Mr. Bahar Chopan attended primary school. It has been said in biography that he attended Azad khan primary school in 1356 while he was born in 1355, means at age one year old. Can you reassure about the year of his school attending?
A friendly suggestion, about dating system or calendar usage, please either uses AD (Anno Domini 2010) or HS (Hijiri Shamsi 1389) in your translation. If we look at Bahar’s biography, you used both which will be confusing for most of the people who read Bahar’s biography.