Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Marshal Fahim, Mohammad Qaseem

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization

(Part 25)

Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim is a prominent Afghani Military Marshall and Politician, who was born in 1957 in Omarz district of Panjshir Province. He completed his primary education in his native village, and for higher education he came to Kabul, where he joined Kabul Islamic Institute, and later joined the Islamic Law Faculty of Kabul University.

From the beginning till end of Jihad (Holy War) Mr.Fahim worked as Commander Masood's deputy in military affairs and commander of the Mujahidin in the northern sector, he also acted as the commander and administrator of Jamiat-e- Islami forces in Parwan, Baghlan, and other areas and served as the deputy director of the political committee of Shora-e-Nizar led by Ahmad Shah Masood.

During this period Mohammad Qasim Fahim showed great bravery and when the Mujahidin came into power he was appointed as country's head of intelligence (KHAD).

Beside this he was also commanding the governmental troops in city suburbs during this period. He was awarded with the rank of full general. Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim is familiar with the Arabic language, and also knows English up to some extent, besides, he likes poetry. He often reads poetry books of Persian poets like Ferdawsee, Mawlana Mohammad Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi, Sheikh Sa'adi, Hafiz Sherazy, and Ghazals of Abu Alma'any. He is enjoying a very good popularity among Mujahidin troops and commanders.

When Ahmad Shah Masood was martyred Fahim was appointed as Defence Minister and commander general of all Afghan governmental forces.

With the fall of Taliban and establishment of Afghan Interim government he continued his post as the Defence Minister of Afghan Interim administration, and was promoted into the rank of Marshal (the highest rank in Afghan military). Marshal Fahim continued his job in the Afghan Islamic Transitional government for another 18 months, with the heavy task of creating a united Afghan army, which will be the responsible for the dignity of Afghanistan and its people.

Mohammed Fahim was not chosen by Karzai's to be one of his Vice-Presidents; subsequently, he backed the candidacy of his fellow Tajik, Yunus Qunani. After Karzai's victory in the presidential elections, he was not reappointed Defence Minister. However in a decree made in December 2004, Karzai confirmed that Fahim would hold the rank of Marshal, Afghanistan's highest, for life, with all rights and privileges. In 2006, Karzai, faced with a resurgent Taliban, returned Fahim to Government as an advisor. Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim is married and has four children.

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Salaam man dilum besyaar maykhwast ki yak nazar butum ki dilet khush shawad liken nametanum, shuma bogoied ie Qaseem sahib leakat MARSHAL bodana dara agar dara yak dalil bogo, besyaar mutasif hastum ki ie gapa ra mayzanum