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Sultan Salar Azizpour

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization

(Part 20)

Sultan Salar Azizpour son of Dagarwal Abdul Rahoof .He was born in 1958 in Bazarak district, Panjshir Province. He got marriage and has one son Sohrab and one daughter Farwahar. Since 1989, he is living with his family in Munchen –Germany.

Salar Azizpour is a great poet, writer and critic (criticizer ). In his own view. “He was brought up in the literary land of Heroes”. Such as Rodakis, Nasser Khesrows, Poor Synas, Sahervardis, Sanayeis, Hafizes and Balkhys”.

Salar Azizpour has completed his high school in Kabul, and attended Kabul University .He studied university at Kabul pharmaceutical faculty, which he had left and moved to Pakistan. In Pakistan, he started to teach Persian language in Esteqlal high school of Peshawar. It was his first test of love of Persian literature which he was experiencing. At his youth he was introduced with many intellectuals, poets and writers by his father, this foretaste was an opening door for later introductions.

These preliminary experiences with the writing exercises will later help him increase his knowledge of poetry and first information about literature, politics, and philosophy. His continued struggle had found him the appeal which he has been investigating about language and introduction of good post-modern literature. His first poem was about his brother’s death tragedy (Sognama) and (Farogh Ashna) both was received a warm welcomed by Ustad Bakhtari.

After experiencing politic, his life took a different shape. Afterwards, as he says: “Has given nonsense to the people in the name intellectuality, which continues till now”. However, he has been working with many publications outside of Afghanistan.

For a while, he was one of the editors-in-chief of Rasta khiz, a monthly political and cultural magazine, as well as he worked as a council member of the Internet publication of ATIBAN. ( .He was one of the founders of the “Writers Council” in exile.As well as he was a secretary council member of Nahal monthly magazine. He toke part in many seminars, conferences and meetings. He was appointed as a secretary and essayist in "National Movement Agenda”in cultural commissioner section,in London.

Aside from what we have been saying, Salar Azizpour has done many interviews and conversations trough radios magazines news papers about our country and regions, politics and literature. In addition of Afghanistanis radio collaboration, he had also a good corporation with Iranian radio and magazine. Such as: Kawah Magazine, Deedar Magazine and Dari Radio. At the end, we can easily say that he has more then hundreds of published and none published literary works such as:

His published books are:

  1. The war with Persian Language in Afghanistan
  2. The researches and writings
  3. From Persian language to literature
  4. The Awaken Knight ( Masoud in the Mirror of Poetry)
  5. The last Prophet (poems)

Ready for publication are:

  1. Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization
  2. Khakistar Sada(The Voice of Ash)
  3. About Modern Literature (From the occupation of weakness to develop of goodness)
  4. Few short stories(novels)
  5. In search of Identity (novel)
  6. From the Resistance to national Resurrection (politic)
  7. The place of critic in our literary stories

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