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Tahir Shubab-Best Rewarded Youth in 1984

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization

(Part 21)

I am Tahir Shubab. Originally, from Panjshir Province .But, I was born in 1968 in Ningarhar Province (Jalalabad).I got marriage in Afghanistan and have four children. Two of them are girls and the other two are boys. As my father was an army officer and he was travelling from one city to another, because of his job. Therefore, we have seen and lived in many cities in my beloved country.

I have completed my primary education in Abdul Wakil Khan and Ustad Behtab Shaheed schools, in Ghazni Province. Subsequently, from year 7th to 12th, I have completed my education in my favourite Music School, which I was supervised and privileged by a collection of most brilliant Masters (Ustad).Such as: Ustad Marhoom Sar Mast, Ustad Marhoom Ningeyala, Ustad Ahzami, Ustad Now Shad, Ustad Anwar Khan and Ustad Nawab Khan. But, Ustad Arman was my special master in guitar.

After my graduation of secondary school, I attended in Kabul university in Arts department .I was in second year of university ,unfortunately, the situation was getting worse, than I left Afghanistan in 1992 to Germany .Currently ,I am living with my family in Frankfurt-Germany.

In 1984 there was a “Youth festival” in Tokyo -Japan. I was awarded among 52 countries all over the world, as a second position. It was a historical reward to my beloved country-Afghanistan.

I have recorded nearly 60 TV and radio songs, 5 CDs and one DVD .Of course; I am still working hard to make more contribution in music industry. I was interested in music when I was a child and got in love with music, and started singing. I sang my first song, (Ahal Har Koja Ke Bashi Baaz Ham Afghani Asti), in Farsi language. This song made me very popular inside and outside of

Tahir Shubab sings in Persian (Farsi) and Pashto. His brother Sediq Shubab is also a great and talented singer. Who is also living in Germany with his respected family.


01. Pang Pieran
02. Shaesta Naoki
03. Tschera Tschera
04. Dokhtar Afghani
05. Ensan Jamasa
06. Rosha
07. Sangaran
08. Delbar
09. Wai Delam
10. Merawam Akher
11. Da Watan Palor

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