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Professor Basir Kamjo

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization

( Part 19)

Translated: By Abdul Ali Faiq

Professor Basir Kamjo was born in a well-educated family in 1961in Rokha district, Panjshir Province. He has completed his elementary school in Karti-e- Parwan Kabul. And his Primary and Secondary school in Rokha district, Panjshir Province.

He traveled to Soviet Union for his higher education. He obtained his (Master Degree) in philosophy and political sceinse in 1986 from Saint Petersburg National University (Soviet Union) .After his completion of his Master Degree, he was appointed as a Professor of philosophy for three (3) years in “Sociology Institute of People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan” .Meanwhile, he worked as an expertise in the government of Afghanistan in that period of time.

In 1989, he was received a formal scholarship from the government and went to Czechoslovakia for his Ph.D. (doctor of philosophy). Because of the abnormality social and political situation of the hosted country (Czechoslovakia), he could not coupe with the situation -regarding to his scientific researches-and he moved in the end of 1990 with his family to Germany.

Prof. Basir Kamjo has published more than 15 scientific, political, analytical, pholosophical and historical articles inside and outside of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, he has published four (4) valuable books in the name of:

آثارچاپی :

His books:

  1. تــاریـــــخ نظــــــریات فــــلســــفی
  2. اخلاق تطبیقی بـیداریی دگر دوستی
  3. تجـــــلی احقاق حق در ابراز وجود
  4. ســـــه طـــــــرح سیاسی صلــــــح

نوشته ها و مقالات :

His articles:

  1. فــــــــوایــــــد اخــــــــلاقی درک و تــــــفــــــــکر
  2. برخــــــورد عقــــــلانی باســـــیاست تـــباراندیشی
  3. درد شــــــــناختی در قــــــــالب منـــــــظـــــــــــوم
  4. درباب عــفــــــو جــــنایــــــتکاران جـــــــــنگی
  5. حق به زن داده نمی شود ، حق آن شناخته میشود
  6. اسلـــــوب آزاد اندیشی از سنـــت و مـــــــدرنیــته
  7. معـــــیار هـــــــــــــــــــای دمــــــــوکــــــــــراسی
  8. بیاد استاد فقید اکادمیسین عبدالاحمد جـــــاویـــــــد
  9. گـــــــــزارۀ تحقـــــــــق امـــــــــــید اجتــــماعـــــی
  10. پــــیدایــــــش کیهـــان شـناسی در علــم نجــــوم
  11. نجــــابت انســــــان را گـــــــــرامـــــــــی دانـست
  12. نظــــریـــه نسبـــــــیت الــــــــــبرت اینشــــــــتین
  13. خشـــــونــــــــــت عـــــلـــــــــــيه زنـــــــــــــــان
  14. درد شناختی در قالب منظوم

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