Monday, 13 August 2007

Amrullah Saleh

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization


Amrullah Saleh was born in Panjshir province .He is a young intelligent and well-educated person. Amrullah Saleh, director of the Afghanistan National Security Directorate told Cleary University graduates at winter commencement. “Now we are free, because the United States has stood beside us to help a poor country gain its freedom.” with an honorary degree from Cleary The 33-year-old Saleh, who was presented University during the graduation ceremony, is an ethnic Tajik Panjsheri from the Northern Alliance(United Front) and received his secondary education in Afghanistan. In late 2001, he helped to oust the hard-line Taliban from power with the support of the U.S.-led coalition. Saleh served as the chief liaison officer with the foreign military and diplomatic corps in Kabul and as a deputy chief of Afghanistan Intelligence, focused In February 2004, he assumed his current on foreign relations position as head of the National Security Directorate, where he is attempting to reform and to restructure the country’s intelligence service. Although the war has been costly in terms of American lives lost, Saleh assured his audience that the “noble cause” of establishing democracy in Afghanistan is still popular in his country. Women, who were oppressed by the Taliban rule and had no legal rights, now make up 25% of Afghanistan’s new parliament. The number of children attending Afghan schools has risen from a few thousand to nearly five million. “All this has been achieved with the support of the United States,” Saleh said. “I’m honored to thank all those men and women (in uniform) from your country who have gone to help us in Afghanistan and all the American people for their generosity of attention and assistance for the people of Afghanistan.” He also expressed his appreciation to Cleary University and U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers for making it possible for him to attend commencement. Following his remarks, Saleh was presented with a doctor of science in analysis degree. Congressman Rogers, a Cleary emeritus trustee, prefaced the honorary-degree presentation, saying, “Amrullah Saleh distinguished himself while serving as an informal ambassador and coordinator of non-governmental organizations with Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance. During this difficult and dangerous time of opposing Taliban rule, he clearly rose above other leaders with his decisive style, business acumen and charismatic personality.”

Head of Afghanistan's National Security Directorate (NSD), the country's intelligence service, Saleh previously served as an intelligence aide to the legendary Northern Alliance (United Front) leader Ahmed Shah Massoud, who was assassinated by Al Qaeda operatives on Sept. 9, 2001. In this rare interview, Saleh accuses "proxy forces created by Pakistan" of trying to destabilize Afghanistan. He recounts an incident in which he gave Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf a list of Taliban commanders, their addresses and phone numbers; he says Pakistan did not act on the intelligence. Saleh tells FRONTLINE he does not believe the Taliban will succeed in undermining the legitimacy of the new Afghan government. "This nation has tasted the Taliban," he explains. "They were here. They do not, in their vision, promise anything bright for the future." This is an edited transcript of an interview conducted on June 6, 2006.


samim said...

Amrullah saleh .... i m as a tajik .. i m proud of u ..u make me encourage to eduecate my self and stand beside u and help our poor land and people... good luck

Anonymous said...

Rena Ramin
i am a tajik girl now im studing in Kabul Univeristy as tajik gril i am really proud of you if i was a boy i wanted to be be like but unfortunatly i am agirl and a gril dosent have diplomatic role in afghanistan but i pray for you improve and hlpe your poor peopel thanks Regards, Rena

Anonymous said...

Amrullah Saleh... aren't you ashamed of falsely accusing a country that saved your life, fed you, gave you shelter. How can you accuse Pakistan of destabilizing Afghanistan? The last thing Pakistan wants is another hostile neighbor. We have enough trouble dealing with India and their RAW.

A stable, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan suits Pakistan more than any other nation of this planet. Yes one country which may have a problem with Pak-Afghan friendship is India. They would not like Pakistan's western border to be stable and secure. Nor would they like Afghanistan and Pakistan to have trade relations.

Pakistan could help Afghanistan in so many sectors like IT, Education, Telecom, Textile, Engineering etc. But that would never be acceptable to India. India would do anything to ensure that Afghanistan shears all ties with Pakistan. India would like to induce hate in the hearts and minds of Afghan people against Pakistan.

Please think logically. There is absolutely no reason why Pakistan would want to damage Afghanistan's interests.

Anonymous said...

@ pakistan Pal....

When were you born and where did u live your cheap life...

IF not in Pakistan then stop talking out of your ass..... Pakistan destroyed Afghanistan and now its time for Afghanistan to Destroy Pakistan...INSHALLAH....

Pakistan belongs to India... you have to give their land back to them and afghans will help india to get it... Pakistan the CANCER to the Muslim Nations in the world... and core producer of Terrorism...

Mass muderers... Just because of Durand Line Pakistan Murdered Millions..

Burn in Hell...

M A T said...

This is Aimal Tarin from kabul

Dear Mr saleh ! you are really great and you are the one who has the great and tight personality i really like you and your charachter you have the bright mind with no idea about the nations i mean you are a person who is from afghanistan and you have the mind of being an afghan not a tajik, uzbek, hazarra or pashtoon this is realy great Mr Saleh

i also dont hve this idea im from afghanistan and im an afghan

Allah hate those who has the bad idea of being tajik uzbek or any other

so we are all muslims and afghan the nations are just for showing and pointing the people not for sprating them like im from parwan just coz of my province to know and to recognize me i cant say that im from parwan or im tajik and i dont know the others no this is not fair and as i have met you Mr saleh you have mentioned many times that we should not be saprated by the nations, languages or provinces and this is really good attitude if every afghan have this idea so our country will be go forward very fast and be built

Mr saleh i want to thank you that you had given us the opportunity to meet you and since i have met you im really working hard to make the idea of people like what you think Zenda bad Afghanistannn

Aimal Tarin

Khadem Hazara said...

As a common practice, every Afghan claims being honest after he is sacked from the power and his position. To accommodate the fact, Saleh was in the boarded of the current corrupt government and never expressed his disagreement or neither he mentioned his resignation, but as soon as he has been fired, then he started to deceive the Afghan Nation that he was in opposite side with Karzai and that is the reason that he was fired. Afghans are now clever enough than that of before and easily understand the sensitivity of the issue. Saleh was part of the government and he is trying to create a space among people for him and his future. Hazara should under no circumstance act blindly as they have already been victimized due to such political deals and business. We try to work for the welfare of the society and to make a prosperous Afghanistan for all ethnics, but we do not want to be marginalized.

Khadem Hazara, Norway

Anonymous said...

small minded bites the hand that fed him and saved his backside. Namak haraam

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous
It was Pakistan who saved Afghanistan from USSR. You were going to be their colony and with the collapse of USSR, what could be your status now? USA couldn't help you alone.
During all that time, Pakistan gave refuge to millions of Afghan refugees and Pakistan did it considering it a duty under the muslim brotherhood.
You got no ports. All the trade to Afghanistan goes through Pakistan and this is because no other country give you a damn.
Now who belong to who...well you keep saying whatever you want, but Pakistan has been ensuring her existence with enough pride along with many times larger country i.e. India.
About Mass Murderer...really stupid can not give a single example.
About Cancer of muslim nation...just check Pakistan's rank in Science, Education, Military, Economy in Muslim countries and compare it with yours. Despite difficult circumstances, we still are strong and existing with honor.
It is time to focus on your problems with some wisdom instead of depending and then blaming others for the decisions taken for you.

TalkingReal said...

You mentioned a lot of grudge against Pakistan. Please for a seconds, consider the facts from history.
-Amarullah saleh is great man with a leadership nature, nationalist and a legacy of Ahmed Shah Masoud. The question to ask is whom does he support; a United Afghanistan OR United Front. He is tajik but what are his sentiments toward Pashtun, hazara or else.
-He enjoyed the support of Pakistan during soviet war and now turns against Pakistan in the name of nationalism.
-Can he state clearly his number 1 enemy.
-What are his views and conditions of peace in the region.
-Please answer who was backing Aghans at the time of soviet war?
-A stable Afghanistan favours Pakistan, and that Durand line is an international border and its violation is an act of aggression.
-You own people are donot or hardly accept each other keeping fighting among your feudel lords.

Hazaras are weak, Tajiks are instrumental and Pashtuns are organised. It sound he plans aggression rather than peace terms with other ethnic group who share the same Afghan inheritance and nationality. What do you think this is leading to peace within themselves, leave out Pakistan and others away for moment. Does he want to create border tensions for eternity, like that of Pakistan and India?
-India favours afghanistan to curb Pakistan, where were india's intentions when Afghanistan fought USSR?