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Sadruddin Saqib-the youngest postgraduated

Sadrudding with his father and his younger brother Mujtaba who works at Lloyds TSB.

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization


Sadruddin Saqib is son of a diplomat Mr. Najmuddin Saqib, who was born in Khanj (Mata) Panjshir Province in 1981(He is only 26).He studied in Kabul, Pakistan, Libya and London. He completed his University in MSc: Computer Network Administration and Management in Brighton one of the great cities of United Kingdom .Subsequently, he completed his Master Degree in University of Portsmouth with BSc (Hons): Software engineering and E-Commerce Site with British honours system.

Work experience

He was working in Lloyds TSB Bank, Brighton, and East Sussex as a Business Development Manager: Main role within Lloyds TSB has been analysing businesses in the area and give them the necessary advices to grow in the market. Based with direct contact with the customer everyday he had 34 businesses under his management. Work within a team environment and has contributed to team success within the department He is very kind, friendly, tolerant and lovely person. For more details you can read his life profile. He can speak English, Farsi, Pashto, Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi – all fluent


Project: Propose design for ISP: Project was based on designing an ISP network using Opnet to provide internet for four cities. Sites for potential intake were visited inside Afghanistan to analysis the suitable technology that can be used. Project documentation included feasibility studies, analysis and design and business plan. Work NEDA telecommunications in Kabul Afghanistan to provide Internet to most business in Kabul Afghanistan.

Data network

Data network principles, communications security, analytical management techniques, client server network architecture, and network configuration, aspect of systems administration, cyber-ethics, system administration, project preparation and individual projects. BSc (Hons): Software engineering Developed and implemented a functional online store using ASP.NET and VB.NET. Using separate modules for implementing basket, management console and user Management. Sessions were used to store front customisation per user. Website was optimized for scalability. Used web services to calculate the total cost and shipping upon giving address. Online Banking: how safe is your money on line. Online banking security measures and threats were discussed Problem solving in information; Systems Usability Evaluation; Web Mastery; Copyright and IT; Network Management. Network Technologies; Web-based development application; conduct of IT projects; Logical requirements Specification; Object oriented Software practice; Databases; Java Network Users; Introduction to the organisations; Investigating Business processes; Introduction to Databases; Investigation business data; Decision making in organisation; Interactive computing;

Arian Travel Centre

Kilburn London Managing Director Ariana Travel Centre Ltd: A fresh Travel agency in competitive travel market turned into a multi branch successful business. Business started with only three employees, now the business has two area managers, 13 employees due to high level of business planning done by myself. Strategic planning is also vital as a general manager and this planning helped the business to get to major contract from Dubai United Arab emirates. Direction of the company is to grow international and the next stage is expanding it to Europe.

Sun Systems Ltd – Kabul, Afghanistan

Network planning and implementing Assistant: Assisting in Network planning and designing for UNICEF new building in Kabul Afghanistan.

With this project for UNICEF, the new building and prefab buildings were provided with intranet and internet facilities.

· 3Com Switches were used for the data network

· 3M Cat 6 UTP Cable is used as field cable for data and voice to bring the respective application to the user desk.

Managerial Assistant

· Head of treasury Islamic Society Brighton University

· In 2002 established Persian Society in University of Brighton to introduce Persian culture into diverse cultural Great Briton. Organised a 6 committee members within the society headed by myself. This provided the society an organisational backbone which was essential for running an organisation. Persian society is still running in Brighton University and has over 3000 members.

· Founder of “Save an Afghanistani Child” Charity in Brighton University to raise awareness of suffering of Afghan children during decade of war in Afghanistan. Within few years the charity grew rapidly and now the charity has over 15000 active members’ world wide.

· Co-founder and Trustee of PANJSHIR AID UK. With the help of community members within London this charity was founded in 2007. This charity will help Panjshir province of Afghanistan from UK by raising money, clothes and other educational material to this beautiful valley. This charity works together with Masoud foundation in organising most of the events in UK.

Journals and articles.

· Internet banking: how safe is your money online. 2004

· Internet Services in Afghanistan: Fibre Optic Backbone of Afghanistan 2005

· Wireless Afghanistan 2005

· I spy: How to find a gap in the competitive business market 2005

· Business development strategies 2006

· Management skills in simple words 2007

· Afghanistan Economy: past present and future

· Foreign investment in Afghanistan

· Banking in Afghanistan

· King Zahir shah: 40 years of financial misery in Afghanistan.

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