Sunday, 10 June 2007

Razaq Mahmoon a novelist and journalist in “suicide era “

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization

(Part Three)

Written by Salar Azizpour

Translated by: Abdul Ali Faiq

Appendix to presentation the poets and writers who are belonging to Panjshir Province. Now, it is time to introduce a new face to the world. Mr.Razaq Mamoon, who is a writer, craftsman, novelist, journalist and producer. His literary dedication, cultural commitments and creative work made him one of the best well-known and successful individual in Talo television inside of Afghanistan and outside it.

Mr. Mamoon has been struggling to bring the historical fact, untold story, harsh reality to the screen of Talo TV, and exhibit them to the people across the world, whatever it will cost his life and career. He seriously started his cultural work with stories, and became very famous with his drama and journalism activities.

He is performing his duty and responsibilities in high professionalism manner, with a sophistication attitude, without any fear, affiliation, deceit slogan, daily death warning and so on! His professionalism, frankness, fearless, and journalism commitments are crystal clear to every one who know him, hear his voice and read his masterpieces. He basically built an honourable and special place inside every intellectual, journalist and ordinary people’s heart.

To Raaz Mamoon’s believes to deny persons freedom of thought is to deny their humanity and their potential. Freedom of expression is one of the most fundamental rights that individuals enjoy. It is fundamental to the existence of democracy and the respect of human dignity.

If we do not have sincere and responsible journalist, who will raise our people’s awareness and understandings, our country will again be under the control of another generation of Taliban regime, our national unity, human dignity, state legitimacy and recognition of our country will be under danger of fanatics, extremists , nationalism, and dogmatism! We believe if the resistence will not be in a collective manner, it will not have much influences and direct impacts, therefore, we must move and defeated terrorism and extremism in a one voice!

In this situation, we are extremely proud to have intellectuals, responsible and cultural personalities to service our people, society and human being regardless of their races, colours, ethnics and nationalities. Fortunately, Razq Mamoon proved to be one of the high respected politicl, cultural, professional and educational individual who never forget his moral obligation towards his people and society.

Sadly, Mr. Mahmon was victimized and sacked from Talo T.V by some narrow-minded government’s politician figures. Despite, he was dismissed from employment, his commitments, activities and perseverance are continuing as long as possible.

By: Abdul Ali Faiq



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