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Qahar Asi “the Legend of Poetry” in 21 Century

Qahar Asi is a talented writer, artist and poet in Afghanistan history. He has a special place in every Afghanistan citizen’s heart and soul. Our people, history and humanity will never forget his bravery and gallantry. He is living immortally in our hearts and we deeply missing him and commemorating his legendary!

Qahar Asi was born in 12, April, 1965 in a village which is called Malema, Panjshir Province .He completed his primary and secondary school in Kabul, than attended Kabul University in faculty of agriculture, and he completed his studies in botany (branch of biology dealing with plant life) .The legend of poetry, Qahar Asi passed away in Kabul Afghanistan on 28th September, 1994 by a skyrocket of Gulbuddin Hakmatyar..

There are many collection of Asi's poems on different aspect of life .He was a patriotic poet, who worshiped his country, people and humanity. He was writing his poems with his blood under flames of war and chamber of smoke

Farhad Darya relationship with Qahar Asi:

Farhad Darya was spiritually revelled, emotionally loved and globally recognized and known by the Qahar Asi's poems. "On TV he (Farhad Darya) initially started with Classical and semi classical music, Ghazal. Then he gradually moved towards folklore. In Kabul University he got acquainted with the aroma of "resistance poems", Qahar Asi. They become two arms to conquer and construct. Darya's music and Asi's poem combined, similar to water to wetness, creates tunes of resistance. "Baran" or Rain descends with sincerity from sky and blows life to soil and ash sprouting to flower and plant. Baran's reputation spreads beyond boundaries increasing thirsty fans of its genuine chants" (*)

Baran reaches at the peak of its career at a crucial time of Afghanistan history i.e. government of communist regime. More vocalists get established through Baran and Darya's compositions exposed to public. Darya was performed so many songs of Asi's poems. Daryaha proudly commemorates Asi's martyrdom anniversary on 28th of September almost every year.

"Qahar Asi's Commemoration Seven years ago, on September 28th, the legendary Afghanistan poet Qahar Asi lost his life. He was the victim of a skyrocket in Kabul. Usually on this date Darya gets together with some of Asi's followers and celebrates the eternal life of this nobleman. As some of Darya and Qahar Asi's fans may recall, on September 28th 2000 Darya performed in Canada to commemorate Asi's life and raised money in order to publish one of his books. But this year instead on the 28th of September Darya was in his studio working on one of the songs from his new CD "GulAroos". The title of this song translated in English is "We Are All Brothers". This particular song has a very significant message to mankind, a message that Asi shared" (*)

Let me songs sing, fleet the voice from the radio, as a means against "the agonies of my homeless around-moving people". Not only in this song Farhad Darya had singing forms the words for homesickness of its compatriots scattered over the whole globe. "Can you undertake a journey in loved Kabul?" a text from the feather/spring of the famous Afghan poet asks Qahar Asi, which fell 1994 in Kabul a missile attack to the victim. Darya, which composed the music in addition, took up the song to Paris. It was the first year of its exile" (*)

As the other eloquent wise professor, poet and writer Mr.Wasif Bakhtari described Qahar Asi "as a true version of patriotic poet, he was born exactly as a poet". When Qahar Asi born and brought up in the political atmosphere, which most of the poets, cultural and educational people were flattering, praising and glorifying, none-national figures and politicians. But Mr. Asi, had a natural villager pure talented perception, did not praise who, did not deserve parsing, he always 'putting the saddle on the right horse' therefore, no one, can ever deny his revolutionary vision and resistance, and everlasting legacy and legendary! Asi possesses certain (matchless) qualities and supernatural talented in human history.

If we look or examine Asi's poetry vision and legendary from other groups of poets, it will give us the same explanation and interpretation that, Asi was an independent poet. He was born free and lived freely; he was not colonized or impressed by any ideology, idea or school. The poets in Asi's era whom appeared on the "market of poems" on the middle of sixteen, they were not under influences of any party, organization and the regime itself .In other word, they were not tools in the hand of the regime .They were (selective and special) .

With the coming of the Soviets in 1979, many writers were forced to leave as their writings were not supportive of the regime and its modern ideas. In contrast, many people of Afghanistan who would never have considered themselves poets, but they began to write poems as a form of resistance to the Soviet occupation and in support of Islam and freedom. Writers in refugee camps along the borders promoted their own groups of revolutionaries or tried to continue the craft in difficult conditions. They are : Mr.Khalili, Abdul Ghafur Arezo (the director of the Cultural Association in Iran), Kazim Kazimi, Fazl Allah Godsi and Sami Hamed. Inside Afghanistan at this time, writers included Wasef Bakhtari, Qahar Asi, Parto Naderi, Haidery Woojudi and Rahnavard Zaryab. Latif Nazemi. Afsar Rahin.Shabgeer Poladeeyan. Sabor Sya Sang. Who were living independently with dignity and purity (*)

In Mr.Kazim Kazimi, a poet, writer and critique believe, "We must acknowledge and legitimize Qahar Asi as a representative of a generation" and he was greater than the greatest poet.

The following is some examples of Asi's poems:

"Let me sing limitless songs, limitless songs for the agony of the Afghanistan people, for my homeless wandering people, let me sing from Iran down to Pakistan" Mr. Farhad Darya sung one of Qahar Asi's son

My Beloved Land

My beloved land
My dream, my conviction
My honoured blasphemy and religion
My seventh heaven

What a valiant people!
What sun! What fire!
Rising like the Resurrection,
No obstacle to their will
Not mountain nor hill.

Across the land
passionately they scream:
Martyrdom and determination!

No house without a Rustam
That great warrior
No fortress without an Arash,
That great archer

What a brave nation!
What a proud people!
Let the dust of their footpath
Be an honour on my temple! (*)


(*) Translated from Dari by Sherief Fayez Oct.-Dec. 1999 Lemar-Aftaab

(*)The Afghanistan Cultural Profile

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