Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sayed Hussain Yousafi

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization


My name is Sayed Hussain Yousafi, from Mata, Khinch, and Panjshir Province, Afghanistan. I was born in 25-10-1977. We migrated to Kabul I do not know the exact year. I started my primary school in Mirman-Khajo, which was located in Old City (Shar-e-Kona) of Kabul. In 1988, we migrated to Peshawar Pakistan, Khurasan Camp. I started my secondary school in Abdul Rahman-e-Jami. After completing the Secondary school, I joined Mujahid High school located in Sardar Ahmad Jan Colony, Peshawar Pakistan.

By victory of Mujahidin, we returned to Kabul and continued my high school in Abn-e-Seena high school, which was located in Kart-e-char Kabul. I graduated in 1995, and then I joined an institute called Intermediate Medical Institute for two years.

Because of security issues, we again migrated to Pakistan. I started to learn computer, I become fond of computer as a result, and I went to Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for learning computer. I joined International Islamic University Malaysia. In 1998. As a university required language, I learnt English and Arabic for one year. Then I joined my Faculty of Information & Communication Technology. Majoring in Information System. And specialized in Web Application Development. By the time of finishing my university, I returned to Kabul, Afghanistan in mid 2003.

As soon as I arrived in Kabul, I started working with a German Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called AGEF. Evaporating their paper-works into computerized system. By developing a job portal for job seekers and job recruiters. Then, I joined sub-private telecommunication company called Afghan Telecom, migrating their billing system from MS (Microsoft) -ACCESS to My- SQL (Structured Query Language) and PHP (Personal Home Page) .Developing their website for the first time. Then, I joined the largest Telecommunication Company in Afghanistan TDCA Roshan, as data warehouse reporting specialist. I left Roshan because of opening my own company which I failed because of some reasons.

I rejoined Afghan Telecom and now working a Billing and Customer Care Manager. Managing Billing System, Credit Control, Call Center, developed by CBOSS (Convergent Business Operation Support System). I have two beautiful children and living in KabulAfghanistan


Anonymous said...

As I observed this site i got that you are the owner of this site, i really appreciated your works, but just want to share with u some points. I think you should find first the biography of those first Panjsheeris who are fight and coped against all those people that they wanted to ingrate and cruet lied the nation of Tajik and specially Panjsher people in Nader shah, Zaher shah and other regime like General Ghulam Ali Khan Panjshri: The first general of Panjsher in Afghanistan national force who was graduated from Turkish Defense military Academy and worked in very big positions in Zaher shah government.
Mohmmad Rahim: Who is worked as Advisor of Zaher shah, now a days their is a lot of some bad claims against him but in the real he was a good man and he served his own life to their Watandar People.
Thanks in advance,
Ahmad Omid Ali Panjsheri

Anonymous said...

If you need some info and pictures of Gen.G. Ali i can help you.