Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Farid Rastagar

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization

(Part 30)

Farid Rastagar is originally from Panjshir .He is an accomplished Composer, singer and master of music arrangement. His career has ranged from the music arrangement for other musicians to composition of songs for his wife Wajiha Rastagar. Farid has been educated in Kabul where he started his journey of melodies with GULI SURKH (RED ROSE) orchestra.

As a famous musician, Farid Rastagar has had the experience of giving live Performances in Afghanistan and other countries with Wajiha Rastagar and other famous Afghan singers. Apart from this, Farid Rastagar has performed for international Music Festivals and concert tours all over the world in over 30 countries and arranged background music for films. He is one of the key founders of GULI SURKH (RED ROSE) orchestra. GULI SURKH was one of the well known music orchestras in Afghanistan and central Asia.


Wajiha Rastagar is one of the most talented singers in Afghanistan and perhaps one of the most controversial artistes. Her career started singing with GULI SURKH orchestra formed by her husband .Farid Rastagar and his friends such as famous musician Amir jan Sabori .Wajiha Rastagar was a student of primary school when she participated in the school’s cultural programmes. She married Farid Rastagar who was the music arranger and singer in GULI SURKH.

Wajiha Rastagar has been singing a notable number of Afghanistan’s popular songs. Most of her songs are popular amongst Afghans as well as Iranians. Her song NAZI JAN was re-performed by Iranian singers.

She came into focus again when she performed DELAKI KHOSHBAWAR DVD/VEDIO Very nice .DELAKI KHOSHBAWAR won the bestseller award on 2003 from KHORASAN MUSIC.

Wajiha Rastagar has received the title of the Best singer of the year in Afghanistan on ----and in Europe on.. Farid and Wajiha have been living in exile in Germany since 1992. They have released 5 CDs and music videos in exile and have had more than 40 concerts since 1993 in Europe, Australia USA and Canada. Farid Rastagar has four children: Razma, Tahmina, Milaad, and Hadia .They are all living in Germany.

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