Sunday, 22 July 2007

General Bismillah Khan Mohammadi

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization

(Part 34)

General Bismillah Khan was born in 1965 in Rokha District, Panjshir Province. He has completed his primary education in Panjshir than he moved to Kabul.

Bismillah Khan was one Ahmad Shah Masood's top commanders during the Soviet war as well as with their fight against the Taliban in the North, and near Kabul. He is currently a Lieutenant General and serves as the Chief of Staff in the Ministry of Defence.

After the fall of Kabul to the United Front, he was appointed commander of the 2000 men Kabul police force, and a member of the Kabul Security Commission.

The chief of the General Staff of the Afghanistan National Army, Gen. Bismillah Khan who have been in the U.S. for touring different military installations. His visit to Fort Jackson focused on the recruiting efforts, from initial contact with a potential recruit to their Basic Combat Training requirements.

He has paid a great deal of efforts for Afghanistan National Army. And he is one of the most prominent personalities in Army field. As General David Richards, Commander of NATO-International Security Assistance Force, and Mentioned in a big Conference in London in the name of (A New Strategic Approach towards Afghanistan’s Future Said: “General Bismillah is a great general in Afghanistan”.

Currently, General Bismillah Mohammadi Khan is the Chief of Staff of the National Army of Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

Oh really nice job.It means Panjsheris are the most peace-maker people.Allah keep them save and sound.

Ajmal Kabuli


Anonymous said...

Nice job.Great General