Thursday, 21 June 2007

Salam Sangi the most popular stars in contemporary Afghanistan cinema

Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization

(Part Eleven)

Salam Sangi is a famous actor who is originally from Panjshir. He came to cinema in 1977-78 and played his first film called Rabea Balkhi having the roll of a General. His best role that he has played was in the films Gonah and Begana. Gonah was made in 1981 in Kabul, and it was one of the best films that ever have been made in Afghanistan, and it was a very great box of smash in Afghan cinema, and the popularity of Salam Sangi was also started from this film. And Begana was the last film in which he had a role in Afghanistan and that film was also a very good film and it made his career better and better and he stayed in Afghan people’s memory.

Films: Begana, Farar, Gonah, Sarband, Sabor-e-sarbaz, Kaifar, She kasta Mahasera, Baba, Tunnal, Rabea Balkhi and Dar Sarzamine Begana, Charlie Wilson’s War.

Salam Sangi played a role in (Charlie Wilson’s War.) with American leading actor Tom Hanks, who has become one of the most popular stars in contemporary American cinema. Born July 9, 1956, in Concord, CA, Hanks .The movie is based on George Crile's book about the CIA's largest and most successful covert CIA operation, the arming of the Mujahidin in Afghanistan. The covert ops were engineered by Charlie Wilson (Hanks), a charismatic, wheeler-dealer, liberal Texas congressman who teamed with a rogue CIA operative (Hoffman). The two manipulated Congress, the CIA and a host of foreign governments in order to assist the Afghan rebels in their fight against the Soviets in the 1980s. Many of the men armed by the CIA went on to become the Taliban's enforcers and Osama bin Laden's protectors.

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